Solutions and Use Cases

Build, buy or both; a platform with many uses.

Pioneer innovative ways of working

We recognise that not everything can be built for the cloud. You need to carry forward your existing skills and applications whilst you adopt more innovative solutions. That’s why we’ve engineered UKCloudX to support a wide variety of traditional and innovative use-cases.

Use-cases that you can build and operate yourself, buy through our community of solution providers, or a combination of both.

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A platform with many uses

  • Modern Application Development (e.g. DaaP)
  • Secure Application Hosting (Pre-Cloud Apps)
  • Single Information Environment
  • Collaborative Working Environments
  • Innovative and Specialist Outcome-based Solutions
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Benefit from the UKCloudX platform

Here are just some of the ways customers can benefit from the UKCloudX platform:

  • A proven platform to support modern application development (Docker containers, NoSQL databases, CI/CD, microservices, etc) at Internet, Restricted and above (e.g. supporting modern architectures advocated by the Defence-as-a-Platform strategy)
  • A flexible, cost-effective and evergreen platform for existing, pre-cloud workloads (VMware, Oracle, 3-Tier, etc) – including hybrid environments spanning Crown Hosting Data Centres – that want to avoid capex and complex refresh cycles – “your mess for less”
  • A trusted, elastic and connected platform to support multi-agency collaboration – secure, federated information exchange to enable a ‘whole-of-government’ approach to national security
  • A neutral, secure and scalable collaborative working environment to facilitate innovation created by consortia of best-of-breed contractors who compete as much as they collaborate
    A platform enriched by solution provider delivered outcome-based services such as SaaS, XaaS (e.g. Analytics by Babcock, SOC by CGI, etc) and wider IT outsourcing or business process outsourcing

The five characteristics that make a ‘cloud’

All use-cases of our platform benefit from the five essential characteristics, as per NIST, that make a ‘cloud’, a cloud:

  1. Elasticity – a truly dynamic platform that can scale to support the most complex and demanding of Defence and National Security workloads that can be scaled automatically or manually
  2. Self-service – complete autonomy to provision, change and manage your ‘virtual datacentre’ via the UKCloudX Portal or using our fully documented API
  3. Measured usage – easy to understand consumption-based pricing from just 7p per VM per hour along with other commercial options that are more capex-like (e.g. fixed and predictable)
  4. Broad networking – connect via existing government secure networks, or bring your own dedicated circuits (we can host the cryptos) or use high grade encryption over commodity networks such as the Internet
  5. Resource pooling – securely share compute, storage and network infrastructure within your trusted community to benefit from the many economies of scale.

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We’re the multi-cloud experts for the UK public sector. We have the domain knowledge and security clearance to help you understand the art of the possible. We can introduce you to solution providers and accelerate your digital transformation.

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