The UKCloudX Platform

The UKCloudX Platform

The UKCloudX platform is designed to deliver flexible, innovative and cost-effective solutions. It is a High Assurance deployment of our award winning Multi-cloud, Multi-Site platform which supports both traditional systems and cloud native applications. UKCloudX extends this capability to existing and new workloads.

It is the only Multi-cloud, Multi-Site, Multi-Domain cloud platform in the UK.

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Proven and credible

Our multi-cloud platform supports hundreds of multi-cloud workloads across the UK Public Sector. We’re a proven and experienced cloud services provider that has a laser focus on what we do. And we’re proud that the industry has widely recognized the quality and innovation that our platform delivers.

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UKCloudX is a new platform for new possibilities.

Our multi-domain architecture enables you to intelligently deploy different components of your solution at different classification levels; keeping your most sensitive assets well away from internet-based threats whilst harnessing the OFFICIAL tier to facilitate the gathering and dissemination of information across government and with industry partners.

UKCloudX spans two government-grade UK datacentre campuses that are separated by more than 100km for excellent geo-diversity whilst keeping everything in the UK. The sites are part of the Crown Campus which gives you the flexibility of bringing together your cloud and non-cloud workloads in a neutral and trusted environment. UKCloudX can also be used as a disaster recovery (DR) platform to take the risk out of your existing single-site solutions.

We believe there is no one-cloud-fits-all solution to your diverse needs. Multi-cloud gives you the choice you need. Our multi-cloud platform includes technologies from VMware and Oracle (to meet the demands of traditional systems) as well as Microsoft Azure and OpenStack/OpenShift (to meet the demands of modern applications that expect features like Docker and Kubernetes). And we intentionally use non-exclusive technologies that you can use in your own data centre or in the field.

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UKCloudX channels our credentials and experience to help you transform the way IT is delivered. Our team of security cleared experts are here to help you understand the art of the possible and accelerate your digital transformation.

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