Assurance and Accreditation

UKCloudX will accelerate your innovation and modernisation of systems.

Our High Assurance Platform

You need a secure and trusted solution for your most critical and sensitive systems; a solution that meets the stringent requirements of your accreditor or SIRO. UKCloudX is designed to take the time, cost and uncertainty out of your accreditation cycles.

Our comprehensive approach to high assurance is more than just technology; it’s about our people, processes and premises too.

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Secure, trusted

Our High Assurance cloud platform encourages innovation, and by enabling more straightforward collaboration, solves some of the UK’s most complex and sensitive challenges.

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Our Assurance Credentials

Our approach to assurance is very comprehensive and is enhanced by our partnerships with INFOSEC specialists. The following are just some of the assurance that we’ve put in place:

  • 100% UK Sovereign cloud service – no risks of foreign surveillance (e.g. US CLOUD Act)
  • Connected to ‘behind the firewall’ to’ RLI, PSN-Protect, PSN-Assured, Janet and N3/HSCN – designed for connectivity to high assurance networks with customer-owned cypto solutions
  • Design assurance via on-going engagements with NCSC, MoD DIAS and expert industry providers such as Context IS and e2e-assure.
  • Hosted in two government-grade UK data centre campuses (also used by Crown Hosting Data Centres) separated by 100km for excellent geo-diversity
  • Built and operated by UK security cleared and extensively vetted cloud experts in resilient UK-only NOC/SOC facilities
  • Assured technology components: High Grade Crypto, High Threat Gateways, Diodes, TEMPEST, Advanced Behavioural Protective Monitoring
  • Continuous investment in innovation, cost reduction and ever-greening to avoid risks of technology obsolescence
  • Independent assurance: NCSC/CESG PGA heritage, Home Office Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF), CTAS certification, ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018, Cyber Essentials, CCS approved

Our High Assurance Credentials

We actively seek independent testing and validation of the assurance that we offer, here are just some of our credentials:

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We talk the language of accreditors and information assurance. We have a dedicated team of experts with the necessary security clearance to help you. We help you understand our approach to assurance and how to achieve accreditation quickly and efficiently.

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