Platform & Solutions

The UKCloudX platform is designed to deliver flexible, innovative and cost-effective solutions.


UKCloudX is a High Assurance deployment of our award winning Multi-Cloud, Multi-Site platform which supports both traditional systems and cloud native applications. It is the only Multi-Cloud, Multi-Site, Multi-Domain cloud platform in the UK.

Use cases

We recognise that not everything can be built for the cloud. You need to carry forward your existing skills and applications whilst you adopt more innovative solutions. That’s why we’ve engineered UKCloudX to support a wide variety of traditional and innovative use-cases. Use-cases that you can build and operate yourself, or buy through our community of solution providers.


You need a secure and trusted solution for your most critical and sensitive systems; a solution that meets all the requirements of your accreditor or SIRO. UKCloudX is designed to take the time, cost and uncertainty out of your accreditation cycles. Our comprehensive approach to high assurance is more than just technology; it’s about our people, processes and premises too.

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